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Tunnelling Companies and Schools of Mines

The AIF targeted men who had been trained at Schools of Mines, or who had worked in mines, to work in the Australian Mining Corps.

Photographs of Corporal R. Sergeant and Sergeant H. Dixon, with a group of the officers and the Miners' Corps, among whom are several School of Mines students, have been hung in the Common Room at the School. The group was represented by Professor Mica Smith. [1]
Among the men who enlisted at Ballarat last week for the Miners and Engineers' Corps are two whose certificates have been regarded by Major Councman as worthy of special consideration by the defence department. The first of these is Pte J. T. Ryan, a man of splendid physique, whose three sons enlisted a considerable time ago, two of them being still on service in France. Pte Ryan has had considerable experience in mining, His Credentials are excellent, and the certificate issued to him by Mjr Couchman is marked "specially qualified." he leaves for camp on Wednesday next. The other recruit is Pte C. C. Brittain, who having completed a successful course of three years at the local School of Mines and two years practical experience at the establishment of Ronaldson and Tippett, is well qualified for the work of the Engineers' Corps. He also is among those listed as "specially qualified". He is the third son of Mr J. Brittain to volunteer his services to the Empire. Pte H. Brittain has fallen on the field of fame. The other, Pte C. A. Brittain, is now in France. [2]

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