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William J. Lakeland in a Presentation to Daniel Walker of the Ballarat School of Mines, 1899, Federation University Historical Collection (Cat. No. 530)


William Lakeland was an Associate (Metallurgy) of the Ballarat School of Mines. In 1916 he was chief engineer to the Burma Mines Railway Company Limited, in the North Shan States. He relinquished this lucrative position to become an officer of an engineering corps located somewhere in the Persian States.[1]

Military Experience

A Ballarat East boy, Captain William Lakeland, brother of Mr T. Lakeland, chemist, of Victoria Street, has been decorated with the order of the British Empire for services rendered in Mesopotamia, Captain Lakeland, who is attached to the Royal engineers, was in command of a Bridge company, and in congratulating him upon his decoration, his O.C., Brig. Gen. Lubbock, wrote: -"The Railway is much indebted to you for your work on the Dyala bridges, and I only wish the honor was something more." Captain Lakeland is an old School of Mines student, and at the time he volunteered he held a responsible position in India with a leading English firm whose interests are world-wide. [2]

In 1921, the Horsham Times [3] published a snippet titled AN HONOURED ENGINEER:

'Mr W. Lakeland, an old Ballarat School of Mines boy who has filled important mining positions in India and elsewhere, and who served with a crops of engineers in Mesopotamia during the war, has returned to his home in Victoria Street. Mr Lakeland was awarded distinction for his war services, and was also accorded the honor of having one of the three bridges built by him in Mesopotamia named after him.'

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