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Robert Felix Bass was born in Ballarat, but he lived in Snake Valley which is a small town 30 kilometres to the west of Ballarat. On his birth record it says that Robt Felix Bass was born in 1896 at Careham which is probably meant to be Cargnham which is near Snake Valley, near Ballarat. His parents were George Bass and Margaret Kelly. They were married in 1881.[1]Robert Bass was a miner.[2] When he enlisted, Robert Bass was 5'7" tall, and he weighed 145 pounds. He had fair complexion, blue eyes and fair hair.[3] According to a letter to the War Office requesting a badge to commemorate her son, Robert's mother's name was Margaret, and a signature for the receipt of a memorial plaque was signed by George Bass, his father.[4] The last news that his parents had from Robert Bass, was on the 4th August, 1915. During the next three years,they wrote a number of letters asking for information about their son, and there is even a letter from J.C. Manifold, House of Representatives to the Defence Department, dated the 6th September, 1917, requesting information about Robert Bass on behalf of his mother. On 15th November, 1917 Robert's father wrote to AIF Base Records Office to say that he had not received any information about his son.[5]

Military Experience

Private Robert Bass (1912) was 19 years old when he enlisted, and he joined the 6th Battalion, 5th Reinforcement on the 5th January, 1915. [6] His unit embarked on the 17th April, 1915 from Melbourne, on the HMAT Horatio. He was transferred to the 2nd Company Engineers on the 12th August 1915.[7] Sapper Robert Bass died between 01/08/1915 and 31/08/1915, when he was in the Australian Engineers, 2nd Field Coy. He is listed at Lone Pine Memorial, Panel Reference 12, at Gallipoli, Turkey[8] There is more information about the Lone Pine Memorial to be found on the AIF Project 2014.[9] In the Court of Inquiry about Sapper Robert Felix Bass,held in Rouen on the 25th August 1918, his date of death was stated to have been in August 1915, and the place of death was said to be the Gallipoli Peninsula, Turkey.[10] There seems to have been some confusion about what happened to Robert Bass, because his record lists him as being admitted to hospital on the 28th April, and again on the 24th August, 1915.[11]

Sapper Robert Bass received the Star Medal, the British War Medal and the Victory Medal.[12]

See also

There is a panel for Sapper Robert Bass in the Australian War Memorial, Panel 23.[13]


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