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The formation of a Miners Corps for active service is the latest phase of the recruitment movement in Victoria. Already the miners have distinguished themselves at Gallipolli, and so valuable is their work in trench construction and sapping operations, in addition to fighting that the Minister of Defence de-fence decided to take the necesusary steps organise a miners' corps. As the aoutcome some of that resolution the City Hall althorities saturday, received a telgram from the Assistant Adjutant-General on a the subject. The message was worded as follows:-"'Re Miners' Corps. Please arrange to get 50 recruits at once, if possible.[1]

MELBOURNE, Wednesday. — 2,000 men from the Expeditionary Force camped at the Show Ground marched through, the city without arms to-day. Victoria's contribution to the Miners' Corps will be 163. The number is to be raised equally at Ballarat and Bendigo.[2]

City Hall Recruiting.- During last week ten recruits offered themselves at the City Hall- and during Monday and yesterday eight were - enrolled. There has been a considerable number of men coming forward for the Miners' Corps, but the City Hall clerks were unable to enrol them, as they have been given to understand that the strength of the corps has been made up.[3]

Major W. H. F. Couchman, of the Engineers' Headquarters, Melbourne, was in Daylesford on Friday on the qui vive for recruits for Miners, the Engineers and the Pioneers' corps. He hopes to get a ocontingent from Daylesford for these units and anyone selected by him is sure of entering the unit for which he was chosen. As the corps mentioned are technical corps, the technical knowledge of those who enter is utilised to the best advantage in a military capacity. It is considered that many more men would enlist if they could apply their civil technical knowledge in a military sense, hence the desire of the military authorities to meet that requirement. Miners for the Miners' Corps, tradesmen for the Engineers, and the handy men for the Pioneers is the wish of the recruiting officer. Major Couchman will visit Daylesford in about a fortnight's time to select any suitable men who may present themselves for enrolment in these units.[4]

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