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Norman Buley and the Ballarat School of Mines Sports Association", 1905. Courtesy Federation University Historical Collection
Standing left to right:W. Pearce, T. Williams, S. Hepburn, L. Seward, W. Figgis, J.R. Reid, P. Elliott
left to right: P.A. Pratt, Norman Buley, John M. Sutherland, H.R. Murphy, J. Inglis, R. Nevett.


Les Coulter, member of the Ballarat School of Mines Football Team", 1907. Courtesy Federation University Historical Collection
Back left to right: beaumont, Norman Buley, Charles, Elliott
2nd back row left to right: Crossley, Robin, Pearce, Stanger-Leathes, Treloar, Les Coulter
2nd front row left to right: Bieske, Davenport, Seward, Clinton
Ditchburn, Dawson, Campbell

Norman Buley was born at Ballarat on 12 August 1884. His father was Alfred Arthur Buley.[1] Norman Buley matriculated from Ballarat's Grenville College in 1901. He studied Chemistry, Mathematics, Mine Management and Drawing at the Ballarat School of Mines in 1904, 1905 and 1907. [2]

Military Experience

2nd Lieutenant Norman Buley was a 31 year old single mining engineer who was living at Ballarat when he enlisted on 20 12 1915. He was a member of the 3rd Tunnelling Company. He won the military cross.[3]

Buley embarked for overseas service on 20 February 1916. On 01 June 1918 Norman Buley was admitted to hospital with a mental condition, and was transferred to England on 06 June 1918 with Exhaustion. He returned to Australia on 24 October 1918 after being diagnosed with mental instability. He was discharged on 22 November 2018. On 24 August 1923 the receipt for Norman's Victory Medal and British War Medal Arthur Buley signed for Norman Buley. In 1926 Norman Buley applied for the Commonwealth Public service. [4]

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