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Leslie Arthur Beaton was a 22 year old labourer of Ballarat East when he enlisted during World War one. [1] His mother was Mary Beaton of Chisholm Street. [2] Leslie Arthur Beaton was born in Ballarat in 1893, to Norman Beaton and Mary Scott.[3] He listed his next of kin on his enlistment form initially as his mother, but it was later changed to his wife being his next of kin.[4] When he enlisted he was 5'8" tall and he had dark complexion, blue eyes and brown hair.[5] In the 1914 census, he was listed as living at Black Hill with his mother Mary, and also Daisy Florence and Jean May Beaton.[6]. By the 1919 census, only Leslie Arthur was listed as being at that same address, and that was probably because that was his enlistment address. None of his family was listed as living in Ballarat.[7]In the 1931 census, he was listed as living in Maribyrnong with Mary Beaton.[8] Leslie Arthur Beaton died in 1960, in Western Australia, aged 66 years.[9]

Military Experience

Private (487) Leslie Arthur Beaton enlisted on the 13th July 1915 in the No 1 Company Mining Corps. His unit embarked from Sydney on the HMAT Ulysses on the 20th February, 1916.[10] His enlistment form was later altered to say that his registration number was 1788 and he was in the 39th Battalion.[11] Leslie Beaton was promoted to Corporal on the 11th May 1916. He was serving in France from the 14th March 1917. Leslie Beaton was appointed Lance Corporal on the 20th June 1917. He was wounded in action in France on the 22nd July 1917 and was sent to England to recuperate. Leslie Beaton returned to fight in France on the 30th May 1918 and he was wounded again on the 30th May 1918. He eventually returned to Australia after embarking on the 23rd March, 1919, suffering from bronchitis.[12]

Leslie Arthur Beaton received the British War Medal, the Victory medal and the Star.[13]

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Leslie Arthur Beaton in remembered in the Ballarat Avenue of Honour.[14]


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