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John Austin Anderson was the son of Daniel William and Elizabeth Jane Anderson, and husband of Ethel Maud Anderson of 312 Ripon Street South, Ballarat, with whom he had 2 children. He attended the Urquhart Street State School as a child. He was a 33 year old engineer at enlistment, 24 July 1915. [1]

Military Experience

Sergeant (476)[2] John Austin Anderson was a 33 year old Engineer of Ballarat East when he enlisted in World War One.[3] Served in the Volunteer Cadet Corps in Ballarat. [4]

John Anderson was a sergeant with the 2nd Tunnelling Company. He was 34 years of age when he was killed in action in France on 01 July 1916. Anderson is buried at Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery, Armentieres.


News was received on Thursday that Ser geant John Anderson, a Ballarat member the Australian Miners' Corps, has been killed, in action in France.[5]


Tree 1004 was planted in the Ballarat Avenue of Honour was planted for John Anderson, a former member of the Ballarat City Fire Brigade. The tree is a Lime, and was planted on 17 August 1917 by Miss Harvey.[6]

John Austin (Sol) Anderson's name is listed in the Ballarat School of Mines Honor Roll. Killed in action.[7]

John A. Anderson's name is commemorated on the grave of Herbert John Anderson Ballaarat Old Cemetery.

Headstone for John A. Anderson in the Ballaarat Old Cemetery, 2014. Photography: Yvon Davis
Headstone detail for John A. Anderson Ballaarat Old Cemetery, 2014. . Photography: Yvon Davis
Herbert John Anderson, 3rd June 1907 - 26 June 1913, John Austin Anderson beloved father of the above who was killed in action at Armentieres, France. 1st Jun. 1916, aged 34 years.

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Headstone detail for John A. Anderson in the Cite Bonjean Military Cemetery, Armentieres, 2014. Photography: Mark Banning.

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