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Henry Starkey Bowerman was born in 1877, in Ballarat East to Henry Starkey Bowerman (Senior) and Elizabeth Warren. [1] They had ten children, seven boys and three girls. Henry Junior was the fourth oldest in the family.[2] In the 1903 census, he was living with his parents, and both he and his father were miners.[3] By the 1914 census, Henry Starkey Bowerman,miner, his father Henry Starkey Bowerman Senior, miner, were living with Emily Bertha Jane (his sister),and Harriet Sophia Bowerman (his wife) in Sebastapol. His mother Elizabeth was no longer present.[4] Harriet Sophie Penny was his wife.[5] Henry (Harry) Bowerman continued to be a miner in Ballarat after he returned to Australia, and was discaharged from the army, as an article which appeared in many Australian papers discussed. The Sydney Morning Herald stated that Harry and his partner Noel Parrot, on the 12th June 1935, were digging a mine shaft 30 feet deep, when the soil subsided in the shaft, trapping Harry (Henry Bowerman). He had a fractured leg, and Noel Parrot had to haul him to the surface of the mine using a rope.[6] Henry Starkey Bowerman (Junior) died in Footscray on the 19th April 1945 [7], aged 67 years.[8]

Military Experience

Sapper Henry Starkey Bowerman (4046) joined the 2nd Tunnelling Company, and embarked from Melbourne on the 25th May, 1916 on board the HMAT Warilda.[9] When he enlisted on the 1st February 1916, Henry was 37 years and seven months old. His next of kin was listed as his wife Mrs H S Bowerman of Ballarat East. He was 5 foot four and half inches tall, weighing 140 pounds, with dark complexion, grey eyes and dark hair.[10] On the 25th October 1916 whilst in France, he was sent to the field hospital, sick, and he rejoined his unit on the 3rd June 1917. He was again sent to hospital with severe poisoning on the 3rd June 1918 when he had been in the Etaples area. He had been wounded in action on the 1st June 1918 with gassing. He was invalided to the UK to the Sutton Veny military hospital with severe gassing,on the 12th June 1918.[11]Henry Bowerman returned to Australia on the 8th January 1919.[12]

Sapper Bowerman was awarded the Victory and British War Medals.[13]

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