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Harold Reece Dalton was from Ballarat East. He was born in 1895 to Walt Austin Dalton and Rhoda Margt Reece of 42 Joseph Street, Ballarat East.[1] According to his Army record, when he was 21, the second time that he enlisted, he was 5'10 1/2" and weighed 10 stone 10 pounds. He had fair complexion, blue eyes and fair hair.[2] From the census in 1919 it appears that he had at least one brother, Thomas Henry Cecil Walton, who was a groom. When his father wrote to the AIF saying that he had not given permission for Harold to enlist, he said that he already had two other sons who had enlisted. [3]When he enlisted the second time, Harold was a clerk and his father, Walt was an iron worker.[4] An article about Harold's wedding appeared in Table Talk on 24th December 1924. The bride, Margaret Justice Bakhap was the daughter of Senator J.J.K Bakhap of Tasmania, and Harold Reece was the third son of Walt and Rhoda Dalton.[5] Margaret's death announcement in April 1944 stated that they had one child, Rhoda. [6] Harold Dalton died in Brighton aged 83 in 1978.[7]

Military Experience

Sapper Harold Reece Dalton (8202) was formerly in the 70th Infantry in the 8th Battalion. He enlisted on the 27th August 1914, but was discharged on the 10th September 1914 because he was unsuitable. His father wrote a letter to the AIF to say that he had not given his son who was under age permission to enlist. At that stage he was 19 years old. [8]He listed his occupation as bacon curer.[9]

The second time that he enlisted was on the 14th February 1917. He spent much of the first part of that year as a driver in the Engineer reinforcements at Seymour.[10] Then on the 11th July he was placed in the 2nd Tunnelling Company,Tunnelling Companies (September 1916 - February 1918): June Reinforcements.[11] He listed his father W A Dalton from Ballarat East as his next of kin. His unit embarked from Melbourne, on board the SS Indarra on the 26th November 1917. He returned to Australia on the 23rd July 1919.[12]. This time he was 21 1/2 years old and he was a clerk. Harold Dalton was still listed as single.[13]

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Sapper Harold R. Dalton received the Victory medal and a British War medal.[14]


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