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Edward McGregor, former student of the Ballarat School of Mines". Courtesy of Descendant Margaret Phyland


Edward Huish McGregor was the son of Donald McGregor of Sebastopol. [1] He was a pupil teacher at the Sebastopol Primary School, and he worked for a short while at Grenville College.

According to Edward Huish McGregor's World War One enlistment papers he was born at Grantown, Inverness, Scotland on 12 September 1874, but he was actually born in 1870 at Sebastopol. Victoria.[2]


Mrs. McGregor, a resident of Ballarat West, widow of the late Mr. Donald McGregor, and mother of Mr. Donald McGregor, manager of the Ballarat North Railway Workshops, will reach her 80th birthday to-day. She was born in Scotland[3] on November 10th, 1839. Two of her sons served in the war, viz., Captain Edward McGregor, who enlisted in Coolgardie and Mr. George A. McGregor, who was a police magistrate in South Africa, and took part in the West African campaign.[4]

Military Experience

He was 41 years and six months when he enlisted for the Australian army on 29 March 1916 at Coolgardie, Western Australia after an initial preliminary medical examination at Kalgoorlie on 24 March 1916, but according to his birth certificate he four years older.[5] He was assigned to the No. 6 Tunnelling Corp. At that time McGregor's calling was 'Mine Manager and Attorney' and his wife, Zerneen, was listed as the next of kin, and her address was C/- D. McGregor, Railway Workshops, Ballarat East. McGregor also mentioned having studied Chemistry at the Ballarat School of Mines.

On 13 April 1917 McGregor was attached to the 1st Australian Tunnelling Reinforcement. On 25 September he was transferred on strength to the 1st Australian Tunnelling Company. He embarked for Australia on 01 November 1917 and was struck off strength on 13 November 1917 after suffering Colitis.

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